Welcome to my ministry page! In 2008, my book 77 Ways Your Family Can Make a Difference: Ideas and Activities for Serving Others was released. The inspiration for this book stemmed from my family’s desire to be Jesus’ hands and feet in a hurting world. 77 Ways is full of ways to serve others and includes discussion questions, which are perfect for families, youth groups, and students.


Recently, I came up with a book ministry idea when I noticed that my local library had a Homebound Services person who visited those who were homebound to bring them books each week.


What do you do with books you’ve already read and that are in good condition - the books you enjoyed reading, but no longer have room to store? Why not bless others with Christian books? Do you know someone who is…

Bedridden or homebound (be sure to ask your pastor for a list of those in your church);
A hospice recipient;
Receiving kidney dialysis;
In the prison system;
Staying in a homeless shelter;
Lonely or struggling with difficult life issues;
Unable to purchase their own books due to financial reasons; or
In need of the uplifting and redeeming message that Christian books, whether fiction or nonfiction, provide?


Do you know of an agency that could make good use of your book donation? Do you live near a…

Christian school with a limited budget for which to purchase books for their library;
Ronald McDonald House;
Hospital with a waiting room; or,
Church without a library.


Have you ever considered...

Reading to a person who is sight impaired?
Spending time reading to Alzheimers patients in a nursing home?


If it is an agency you’re contemplating donating your book(s) to, be sure to check with that agency first, but I have found that most places are open to the idea of donated books.
A book given to someone in the above circumstances is a blessing, and more importantly, a way to share the love of Christ. So, gather your books and make a difference in the life of another! 


Did you know that I also have another ministry, geared especially toward women? For more information about The Sisters in Christ Community Girls Night Out, please visit my blog.


And last, but not least, I have long been passionate about finding movies the entire family can enjoy. I invite you to join me for Movie Mondays on my blog where I review mom-approved movies from a Christian perspective. For a complete listing, please see my Mom-Approved Movies tab.


Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men…Ephesians 6:7